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Ollie Reiffl
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Oliver "Ollie" Reiffl is the first mate and "bodyguard" of Spiddrelli.

Despite being exposed to large crowds as a child, he developed AGORAPHOBIA; and keeps to himself if he has the choice.

Thanks to his father's profession, he's been trained in all manners of firearms and has even learned to craft makeshift rifles of his own. (Though he generally relies on Tungsten to craft his more complicated designs)

He joined the World Government's army when he was 19, and served in it for 6 years. His aim was actually fairly mediocre until he was caught in an explosion, which robbed him of his eyes and limbs. He had time to reflect in the hospital, and decided to leave after his recovery. He used all of his soldier's pension to pay for his experimental implants and prosthetics, so with nothing left he took to doing oddjobs.

After a few years, Spiddrelli offered him a "full-time bodyguard position". He accepted out of fear. Ollie really doesn't seem to know what he wants in life. Though he agrees with the Captain's extremist ideals, he really just doesn't see what all the fuss is about. His time in the army has jaded him so much that he really just can't bring himself to care about much.