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"Open your eyes, dumbass."




24, allegedly.




Century Agent

Robin is a deceptive man who works for an organization known as Century.

He is cold, calculating, and incredibly adept at reading people. He seems to look down on those around him, poking their buttons and hiding all intentions behind a foreboding grin. His right eye is always closed, and its origin changes every time someone asks him about it, leading to the conclusion that he is a pathological liar. He seems to enjoy shattering the mood of the moment, making light of situations that are obviously grim.

Robin is babyfaced and his real age is far older than what he looks like now, he was very close with Judd's father as he was the best-man on his wedding day presumably 25 years ago before Judd and Gwynn were born.


His primary goal is to revive Century to its former glory.

According to him Century 'kept mandkind from shooting its own toes' and after Century was believed to be obliterated by The Drop that ended the war 30 years ago he stated that Century had never left.


- He arrived at Midvale a month ago following the death of Judd's father, claiming to be his father's lawyer.

- He has been working part time at the Swill Times bar.

- He seems strangely immune to Spiddrelli's Clockbind.

- He has two teammates that also work for Century: Den and Sid.

- Den and Robin are stated to be half-siblings.

- When he open's his right eye it is shown to be the color cerulean blue similar to Den's.

- He is knowledgeble in Pysdiving and is able to enter a person's mind on his own.

- He takes his job as a Centurion VERY seriously