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The Eighth was considered the most unorthodox scientist.

The Eighth

Area of Expertise:

Martial Arts

Trained in all matters of physical disciplines, his research was in the connection a being's body had with the universe it inhabited. Through martial prowess, he achieved what his brothers thought was the most far-fetched scientific theory of all; unlocking a body's ability to harness The Energy of The Universe.


Survival of the Art

While all other Scientists sealed the archives of their research from the planet, The 8th's Achievement was one that could not survive through archive. The bond of master and student was discovered to be a vital part in achieving the link to harnessing The Energy of The Universe.


There are currently two living disciples of the 8th's teachings. Idra Raul, student of The Chaos of the Universe and Vic Musca, student of The Harmony of The Universe.