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Topaz 24-K
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"Uh, Hi."






24-K Family


First Daughter


Garnett (cousin), Sardonyx (father)

Topaz is a second generation servant to Judd's family, the founders of Midvale North, Midvale's Asylum/Bed & Breakfast.

She is Gwynn's only friend, Garnett's cousin, and Judd's servant.

Trained in the arts of espionage, stealth and sabotage, Topaz is from a long line of genetically-bred spies. She does not wear shoes, as her feet naturally make no footsteps. She is capable of even completely concealing her life-force. She sometimes notices obscure details in people, such as perceiving that Spiddrelli's wife had died.

Topaz is a typical tomboy alpha-girl, playing fast and rough with others and exuding self-confidence. Her personality is born from her natural ability to be unnoticed. Despite her confident face, she struggles with self-worth issues.

Topaz is an excitable girl with a thirst for adventure, the mere idea of leaving the island fills her with excitement and happiness, she seems to be clueless about most things, such as she has never seen cargo crates before and thus attempted to get inside one and she also does not know what a lobby is and jumped up and down repeatedly after seeing one.


- She and Judd share the same room together although she sleeps on the ceiling on a futon pinned to the ceiling with several nails directly above Judd's bed.

- Thanks to Robin she is now the first Teletat Admin in over 400 years