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Tunns is a lab rat in an unconventional sense. He is one of the first of his particular species to go through The 4th's Awakening, giving him full sentient mental capabilities and then some. He was discovered by local astutes and taught a proper education. They discovered that his memory capacity was far beyond most species, he is able to absorb libraries full of knowledge with 100% retention. He loved being special. But only temporarily, the constant experiments to discover his limits soon made him despise the knowledge he possessed. He broke out of the institute and fled to a local small town. He was the very first new recruit Spiddrelli chose, along with his partner Kirts; and serves as the battle strategist, inventor and mechanic. He is usually in the process of crafting one of Ollie's many designs, since he possesses the logistical knowledge required to build them. He is always in the hanger working on building something. Despite his small stature, he's capable of constructing astoundingly large objects.